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Performance: …and it makes me want to cry! (Muhtadi Festival)

Performance: Muhtadi Festival - ...and it makes me want to cry!

These accidental moments came about on a lonely afternoon walk.  In many ways, not the sort of day that I normally find myself in the space to capture inspiring moments.  I was taken aback by the force of the drumming and have a sweet spot within me for percussion and African culture.   When capturing live music and drumming, I often focus upon the rhythm and not the emotional expression of the performer.  I have always figured that the expression will be released when the performer releases their energy driving the music.  However,  given the overwhelming nature of my own emotional character on this day, I tried immersing myself instead within their expression.  My theory in this was I would be more sensitive to their emotional states and expressions.  Music is an expression of the performer.

Needless to say – it sweetened my mood!

This was taken in Queen’s Park, Toronto, Ontario on June 7th, 2009 @ The Muhtadi International Drumming Festival.