View from a Trail



At The End of The Line

All signs are graffiti.
I’m happy to know that.

I will post to keep you.
As all messages are personal.
Some of us have people to lean on,
some of us don’t.

I say post.
Some of us will be sensitively insensitive,
to them I say situations are handleable,
lean on someone.
I get they feel their visual space ‘robbed’
I say mine has been enriched.

I Am Too Loud When You Are Gone.

I am too loud when you are gone

I am John the Baptist, cheated by mere water

and merciful love, wild but over-known

John of Honey, of time, longing not for

music, longing, longing to be Him

I am diminished, I peddle versions of Word

that don’t survive the tablets broken stone

I am alone when you are gone.


– Leonard Cohen, ‘I am Too Loud When You Are Gone’