Hello, again.

I know this shot is not unlike many I’ve posted before.  I’m always okay with that.  For me, it just means for me something about the image I like.  One never often gets it right the first time.

I, also, probably would not have posted this particular shot if it had not been the first image I chose to transpose from film to digital.  Yes, I now have a scanner.

Oh the promises I have to abide myself into being good and making full use of this!

I do feel I have stronger images than this one in film.  I decided to pick ‘safe’ for my first scan and something that would also display the details of the blacks (scanners apparently miss details in the areas black).  A little has been lost, I’m unsure a little about the loss but I find in the affect of this photograph on me with the slight bit more contrast is ‘taking’.


There will be more coming in days.  I’ve been shooting film now for two years….  this will prove to be an adventure for me.

Happy 2018


New York City Street Scene

I know I’ve been absent from my blog for months now.  Will likely continue to be as now I’m shooting purely black and white film these days.  I’m just loving the process and the results I am finding using only film now.  I never thought I’d say that.

One day, I’ll look into getting a scanner and get my photographs ‘online’ again.  That doesn’t mean there will be no activity from me on here as I still have an archive of over 25,000 digital shots to work with and attempt to work on.

This one is from my trip to NYC in November 2015.  I personally like the retro/vintage feeling I found in my editing of it.  I think this image is set in Hell’s Kitchen if I remember correctly.  This reminds me of scenes in movies from circa 1980s here.  That’s what I like about it and enjoy.

Happy 2017