Portrait #1

david - 11.02.2008 020-Edit-Edit.jpg

This was taken many years ago.  I don’t do portraits often; not confident in myself this way in photograph, and visually I’m usually taken by other things that are interests of mine.  This one, I came across looking upon my archive of photographs that is now a lot of my life and, personally, for my own emotional reasons, needed to finish this.

I know it’s soft in focus but that adds a touch of beauty and tenderness for me.   #Love

  • David



New York City Street Scene

I know I’ve been absent from my blog for months now.  Will likely continue to be as now I’m shooting purely black and white film these days.  I’m just loving the process and the results I am finding using only film now.  I never thought I’d say that.

One day, I’ll look into getting a scanner and get my photographs ‘online’ again.  That doesn’t mean there will be no activity from me on here as I still have an archive of over 25,000 digital shots to work with and attempt to work on.

This one is from my trip to NYC in November 2015.  I personally like the retro/vintage feeling I found in my editing of it.  I think this image is set in Hell’s Kitchen if I remember correctly.  This reminds me of scenes in movies from circa 1980s here.  That’s what I like about it and enjoy.

Happy 2017