My cat, Jazzer.


I took this recently.  It’s my favourite photograph of him showing his attention and care.

We sometimes need no reason to love, and are given means beyond we can see to just receive.

This is my fourteen year old cat, Jazzer, whose given me so much love it’s hard to remember just when he came into my life despite I remember the moment, and how I chose him.  I love him. It’s not easy of me for me to write how he eases me through this life.  He knows when and somehow he knows, how.  I wish, I could write sometimes that he picks the wrong time or acts as if he doesn’t, or displays he doesn’t know how – and even though sometimes he comes too forward with his love, I’d ask him to as I know I only have him for so long and that time is coming closer as I need now to give him two pills a day..

I won’t go into how I met him.  I, only, trust when someone speaks to you, you know when to act.

By no means is he perfect, and by no stretch of any imagination that might even be liberal, am I!  We are just cat and human making a beautiful life together.

He’s 14 and has health conditions which are coming together, but I had a scare months ago and since then attention and medication have helped.  I feel I have two more years to see his life; and I will only note, the older he gets the more affectionate he becomes, as I can only guess, he knows too and is learning time may no longer be on his side, so love.  I don’t need to share any more because I’m the one who holds the memories, and I feel to share only enough to convey love.

One of the few pictures I have of him and it’s my favourite.


On Thursday, December 8th, 2016 I had to make the compassionate life decision to end his life.  It was a careful and well thought out decision.  His health had recently turned very badly.  The medication seemed to be not working for his thyroid or his kidney was acting up (which is often a secondary issue with cats with thyroid issues) and with getting an upper respiratory infection I was watching him deteriorate too quickly.  I have no need to give an example, but here is one, even trying to jump down from the sofa chair his leg gave out and he landed on his nose.

He was well loved.  His love was always received with warmth.  Miss him, immensely.



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