Something bads about to go about town, need not to confess.

Something I rarely put here.  This goes, and I hope the driver reads,

Yes this is a reflection of a decaying building in a ‘beautiful’ Infiniti.  I couldn’t help but take it.  A once thriving factory, in a once blue collar town.  I’m anti-social, and I like happen-stance, randomness…and also get taken visually.

I wanted this shot.  The half-decayed building reflecting in his, yes his, Infiniti for my own.  I get paranoia, I get anxiety.  Next time when I’m taking a shot of your bumper when you decide it’s ‘weird’ ~ say something…Anything.  Just don’t try to back up over me.  That ain’t cool.  Just because I’ve learnt somethings about light, and yes it’s EVERYWHERE…

Yes…His obvious response [to him] was back up.  I try to be respectful of space.  And yes I get the idea of identity theft, but my life goes beyond identity  A license plate could be very useful.  But you know what I like sequences and numbers.  If I wanted the plate, all I’d have to ask my memory to save space for it.  I don’t take candid shots of strangers for this precise reason.  I’m shy.

So all I’m really suggesting is this is my life is beyond your identity…  Just because you feel the need in a beautiful space to sit in your car, without no reason to back up, and idle your car after, while summer breaks itself in the end of winter you won’t get out of your safety – DON’T BACK UP OVER ME.

I repeat that.  Thankfully, I still got the shot…And somewhat artistically it fits perfectly, because in this I was after a metaphor of old and new…Even if your identity was worth a dead man.

Ironically, I doubt you (the driver) knows the detail of the reflections in the bumper…. and might not even understand the implicit details between…decay and the fruits you have and the juxtaposition I found, if you don’t whatever..

Something bads about town, need not confess.

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