Portrait: Mother And Child


2 thoughts on “Portrait: Mother And Child

  1. Awww now that’s really nice I like black-N-white photos—the emotion of the subject comes across better, or that’s the way it seems to me. But here and it could be my computer, it’s a little bright the contrast in shadow dark/light isn’t showing up. Still all in all it’s a good photo and I really like the subject!


  2. Thank you! I find black and white photography perfect for portraits. The emotion of the subject carries through better and becomes timeless, in my opinion.

    I agree that the detail in the contrast between dark and light is hard to see. Shows up beautifully in print and seems hard to distinguish on screen. Depends on the monitor I use. I’d tone it down, and might for the version on here, but in print it diminishes the glow on the mother’s face.


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